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Internet + Innovation Cross-border E-Commerce Summit 2017

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2017 Internet + Innovation Cross-border E-Business Summit

Vice director of Municipal Health Commission Weihua Shen guided the cross-broder e-business development ideas for Oujian


The  communication and promotion are the consistency between the enterprises’ innovating development and the government’s policy support. It is also the developing and supporting aspects of our enterprise and government. In the 2017 Internet + Innovation Cross-border E-business summit held in Yangpu district, president  of Oujian Network Jizhong Ge had honor to communicate with the vice director of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce Weihua Shen. Shen said: enterprises should not waiting for the policies but develop and innovate business actively. Only with the enterprises opening up new markets and new business can promote the government to publish new policies.


President Ge also discussed with Chen Yu, vice director of Shanghai Council for the promotion of international trade; Yaping Li, vice head of Yangpu district; Xuexiang Wen, president of Shanghai CCBA . All the leaders were very supportive of enterprise innovation. Especially Yangpu District government, the governors have built up Internet + innovation platform and entrepreneurial park for the enterprises. The enterprises were encouraged to explore new profit model and international market actively.


Shanghai Oujian Network Development Co., LTD was founded in August 2010, committed to become a one-stop cross-border supply chain optimize supplier with a comprehensive build e-commerce platform- Cloud trade. The company has registered capital of 30 million Yuan. Combining with the GAC’s paperless customs clearance reforming pilot project, Oujian sourced its own strengths and took the lead of promoting the Cloud generating declaration from business in August 2012. It provides customers a high-efficiency smart document-making business so that greatly improve the customs clearance efficiency and reduce the manpower cost.

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