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Location:home » News Center » News » Latest News » Congratulations to Oujian for Winning China Private Enterprise Culture Building Enterprise Excellence!

Congratulations to Oujian for Winning China Private Enterprise Culture Building Enterprise Excellence!

On 25th May, the second of China private enterprise culture forum was heldat the Tribute Portfolio Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai in Songjiang District. The summary of China private enterprise culture contribution was held during the opening ceremony.


Jizhong Ge, the chairman, president and secretary of Party General Branch of Shanghai Oujian Network Development co., LTD and Yanfen Wu, the vice president and vice secretary of Party General Branch of Shanghai Oujian Network Development co., LTD was invited to the forum.


They commended the enterprises excellence and individual excellence who made contribution to the building of China private enterprise culture.


Oujian won the award of Chinaprivate enterprise culture buildingenterprise excellence


Jizhong Ge accepted the award of Chinaprivate enterprise culture building individual excellence.

As the main force of economic and social development, enterprises’ survival and development is not only based on outstanding economic performance but also good company culture.As Chairman Ge once said, the company’ culture is shaped by the core value of the management staff who guiding the enterprise. Under his influence, Oujian has developed its own unique culture.

Looking back the history of Oujian Network, it’s impossible for Oujian to make it so far without the hard work and dedication of staffs and support from society. The company keeps growing in a healthy and sustainable way. Moreover,it has been awarded the national excellent customs broker, the national quality excellence, the advanced basic-level communist party organization of Yangpu district, the "two new"(new economic organization and new social organization” ) excellent communist party organizations of Daqiao sub-district in 2016. All these honors are based on Oujian’s active exploration and practice of people-oriented enterprise culture. Meanwhile it also explores the road of sustainable development adapt to Oujian’s own characteristics for transformation and upgrading the enterprise.


Believing in the view of a people-oriented, comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, Oujian networkdrives its business growth byimplementing five business concepts.

1.Business Integrity
Setting up a management idea, which reflectsrespecting for nature and loving for mankindand business principle of compliance, integrity and self-discipline;

2.Harmonious enterprise atmosphere
Create a people-oriented harmonious environment by caring employees’welfare and promotion prospectsas well asestablishinga mechanism for communication via regular meetings, visits and exchangesand understanding the needs of staff on field.

3 Continuing education opportunity for staff
Promote the establishment ofOujian University; lay the foundation for scientific enterprisemanagement and sustainable development.

4 Under the leadership of communist party
Strengthen the party building. Make party members become the core force in the enterprise development through party building activities.

5 Innovation Spirit
Create aprogressingatmosphere by holding corporate event such as cultural festival and annual commendation conference of the "Spring of Xinhai". Xinhai has held the “Spring of Xinhai”for 15 years, blending the enterprise culture concepts into the enterprise's business development and internal and external publicity.

The enterprise's core values should adapt to the national political and economic environment; the enterprise’s developing strategy should keep upwith the market development rules;the enterprise’s internal management system and methods should meet with employees’ personal development. Such consistencies contributes to steady and sustainable growth ofenterprises. Oujian Network will keep on inheriting and developing its healthy and positive enterprise culture, keeping up with the propose of ‘one Belt and Road’, sticking to the principle of consultation, joint efforts and shared benefits, realizing the developing mode of openness and diversity, mutual learning and mutual learning, mutual benefit, facilitatingthe cross-border trade!