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Announcement No.


Animal and Plant Products Access

Announcement No.71 of 2020of the General Administration of Customs and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas

Announcement on preventing the introduction of Indian African swine f ever into China.  From May 27, 2020, it is forbidden to import pigs, wild boar and their products directly or indirectly from India.  Once discovered, they wiII be returned or destroyed.

Announcement No.70 of 2020of the General Administration of Customs

Announcement on quarantine requirements for imported Indonesian pitaya plants.  Imports of Indonesian pitaya that meet quarantine requirements will be allowed from may 23,2020. This time, imported pitaya is allowed to include three varieties: red-red purple meat pitaya scientific name: Hylocereus  costaricensis, English name: Purple or super Red dragon fruit) and red skin white meat pitaya (scientific name: Hylocereus polyrhizus. English name: Red dragon fruit) and Red Skin White Meat Dragon Fruit (scientific name: Hylocereus undatus,English name:White dragon fruit ).

Customs Clearance

Announcement No.69 of 2020of the General Administration of Customs

Announcement on Adjusting Inspection and Supervision Methods for Imported Iron Ore. Since June 1, 2020.  For enterprises applying to issue quality certificates, the customs will carry out on-site inspection and laboratory quality inspection according to the original inspection procedures, which will take a relatively long time to complete in about 20 working days.  For enterprises that do not apply for the issuance of quality certificates, the customs will only carryout on-site inspection, mainly foreign impurities and radioactive inspection. After customs clearance is convenient, importers need to pay attention to the fad that imported commercial coal needs to conform to the provisions of the Interim Measures for the Quality Management of Commercial Coal. For coal quality requirements with a distance of more than 600 kilometers from the pert of enty to the place of consumption.


Announcement No.72 of 2020of the General Administration of Customs

Announcement on lssuing the Fifth List of Approved Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies for Importing Solid Wastes as Raw rv1aterials. This time, the list of 3inspection agencies allowed by Sri Lanka, Denmark and the United States was released.

Announcement No.269 of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the China

Announcement on matters related to the registration of export pesticide products not used in China. The announcement regulates the scope of pesticide registration for export only, the data requirements for registration of non-new pesticides for export, the data requirements for registration of new pesticides for export, modification, extension and prohibition, etc.


No.4 of 2020 of the National Health Committee

Announcement on 53 "Three New Foods   such as Lacto bacillus helveticus R0052.  Four new food raw materials Lacto bacillus helveticus R0052, Bifidobacteriuminfartis R0033, Bifidobacterium bifidum R0071aoo Penthorum Chinense Pursh (three of which can be used in infant food).  21 new varieties of food additives: sanzan gum, arabino furanosidase, polygalacturonase, pectin lyase, maltotetraose hydrolase, xylanase, a­ glucosidase, lactase, carboxy peptidase, protease, glucose isomerase ,lipase, calcium sulfate, rosemary extract, stevioside, acesulfame-k  (also known as ace sulfame), plant carbon black, phosphoric acid and kappa-selenocarrageenan. As well as 28 new varieties of food. Related products such as zinc octoate, nepheline syenite, sebacic acid, wollastonie, erucamide,C.I. disperse violet 26 and glass fiber.