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Announcement on Public Solicitation of Opinions on “Regulations on Optimizing the Business Environment (Draft)

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Relevant units and people from all walks of life are welcome to visit the "Comments" column on the front page of the National Development and Reform Commissions portal website (http://www.ndrc.gov.cn)beforeAugust12,2019,enterthe"publicComments"columnofthe"regulationSonOptimizingtheBusiness Environment (Draft for Comments)" and put forward valuable suggestions.

Market Access

The country implements a unified national market access negative list system. All kinds of market players can enter industries, fields and businesses other than the negative list according to law and on an equal footing.

Cross-border Trade

promote information sharing and business collaboration, implement unified handling of related businesses in ports and international trade through a "single window of international trade, and provide convenient port customs clearance services for market players. The people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government shall formulate and make public the procedures for customs clearance and the time limit for port operation services, and publish the list of port charges. Without the basis of laws and administrative regulations, no unit or individual is allowed to create supervision certificates for import and export links or to conduct verification at customs clearance. Relevant departments should strengthen international mutual recognition cooperation among" certified operators" and give mutual recognition enterprises relevant convenience measures

Supervision and Law Enforcement

In addition to the special key areas, the daily supervision area should, in principle, implement the double random and one open border Trade) supervision mode of randomly selecting inspection objects, randomly selecting law enforcement inspectors, and timely disclosing the inspection results to the public. The state establishes a credit-based supervision mechanism. The administrative organ shall take differentiated and classified supervision measures for the supervision objects with different risk levels and credit levels, reasonably determine and dynamically adjust the proportion and frequency of spot checks. The exercise of administrative discretion by administrative organs shall conform to the legal purpose and be reasonable, exclude the interference of irrelevant factors, adopt necessary and appropriate measures and means, and explain the reasons in administrative law enforcement decisions

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