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Commodity Barcode

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Global Trade Item Number, GTIN is the most widely used identification code in GS1 coding system, which is used to identify trade items (a product or service). It is commonly called commodity bar code in China.

GTIN has four different code structures: GTIN-13, GTIN-14, GTIN-8 and GTIN-12. These four structures can uniquely encode commodities in different packaging forms. Each code structure can use one dimensional barcode, two-dimensional barcode and radio frequency tag as data carriers

Application of Commodity Barcode

Barcode has successfully solved management problems. Such as retail automatic settlement. Retail is one of the most successful and widely used areas for barcode application.

1. Classification, Price and Country of Origin: Let the computer identify the characteristics of commodities. For commodities that can identify the characteristics, the computer will automatically check the classification, price and country of origin.

2. Intellectual Property and Protection: Docking with GTIN, computer can identify brand and prevent abuse of intellectual property rights.

3. Safety Quality: It is beneficial to realize information sharing and exchange. It is conducive to the monitoring of adverse events and the recall of problematic products, improving the quality of medical services and ensuring the safety of patients.

4. Trade Control and Relief: From one-way vertical management to multi-dimensional and comprehensive management of the whole chain of international trade, we will improve our ability to prevent and control risks in an all-round and integrated way.

5. Reasonable Release of Regulatory Resources: Reasonable release of limited regulatory resources for work that cannot be done by more machines.

6. Expend International Cooperation: In the future, we will promote the application solution of China’s customs commodity identification code within the framework of WCO, form a Chinese solution and make a Chinese invoice.

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