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Location:home » News Center » News » Latest News » Congratulations to Chairman Ge for Wining the Individual Excellence of China Private Enterprise Company Culture Building

On 25th May, the second of China private enterprise culture forum was held at the Tribute Portfolio Yuluxe Sheshan Shanghai in Songjiang District. The summary of China private enterprise culture contribution was held during the opening ceremony.


The chairman, CEO and Secretary of Party General Branch of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Co., Ltd , Mr. Jizhong Ge and Vice Secretary of Party General Branch of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Co., Ltd,

Ms Yanfeng Wu was invited to attend the ceremony.


The excellent individual and excellent enterprise in building company culture of China private enterprises was awarded at the ceremony.


Oujian Network Development Co., Ltd is awarded Unit Excellence of China Private Enterprise Company Culture Building


The chairman of Oujian Network is awarded Individual Excellence of China Private Enterprise Company Culture Building.

The chairman of Shanghai Oujian Network Development Co., Ltd, and Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Co., Ltd, Mr. Jizhong Ge has leaded his staff and enterprise on the road of innovation and development for 20 years.
As the founder of Xinhai, Mr. Jizhong Ge believes in business integrity and sustainable development and he leaded Xinhai to transform from a modern logistics enterprise to a"one-stop cross-border supply chain service provider.

Xinhai Customs Brokerage has been rated as "The TOP 100 Customs Brokers of China" for the 4th time in a row and the amount of shipments cleared by Xinhai has ranked national 1st for 10 years. All these achievements and honors marks Xinhai's leading role in brokerage industry.


Chairman Ge is the founder of company culture. He has established a training system for staff at all levels and adopt the management concept of "learning organization";

In the building of company culture, he has enhanced the party building and established the musical festival "Spring of Xinhai"as the platform of company culture; He takes the lead of building company culture by developing a habit of writing an article of his reflection on life and posting it on Wechat platform every day.

Over the last few years, he wrote and published several books, which included "Live in the danger", "From customs brokerage to supply chain management "and "Reflection on Life". These books benefit the personal development of staff and catch the attention of people of all social circles.

Chairman Ge is also the leader of enterprise transformation. He has caught the trend of our age and lead the enterprise to start a new undertaking at the background of "internet +". The achievement of his second undertaking is the establishment of "Shanghai Oujian Network Development Co., LTD"

Chairman Ge adopts the new "Internet Thinking"in business and attach importance to the establishment of "3 micro- platform"to build an all-round "Yunmaotong one-stop cross-border trade supply chain platform" to provide value-added services. Chairman Ge won the title of national TOP 10 successful business man and was voted to the managing director of IFCBA (International Federation of Customs Broker Association) for of his great achievements.

After election he introduced the "IFCBA world conference" to Shanghai, and made Yangpu district and Shanghai be the focus of whole world. Meanwhile, Mr Ge is also playing an important role in industry association. The titles he gets includes the following:

the vice president of China Customs Brokers Association ,

vice president of Shanghai Logistics Association,

Shanghai Cross-Border Association,

Shanghai Chamber of International Commerce,

World Trade Center Association Shanghai,

Chairman of Yangpu E-commerce Association,

delegation of people's congress of Yangpu district.

Under the leadership of Chairman Ge, a Customs Brokers' strategic alliance has been formed to utilize resources from different area effectively, pushing forward a wider cooperation between customs broker across the regions and leading the customs brokerage industry in China towards professionalization, scale up and centralization.

He is driven by his strong sense of responsibility and sense of mission to dedicate himself to the development of the brokerage industry, the association and the society.


Chairman Ge attaches importance to the party building and he often invites national model worker to give subject lecture to the party members and managerial staff to make the positive attitude towards work and life the first priority in the building of company culture.

He is working on improving enterprise soft strengths and uses advanced culture to lead people, encourage people and shape their characters. Moreover, Chairman Ge plays an active role in community building and charitable activities to express his thanksgiving to the society.

Chairman Ge has once said that"In the next few decades, we should go global and appear on the stage of the world as the one-stop supply chain service provider with clearance service + information network construction as our strong suits. Let's serve the customers from all over the world."
Under the leadership of Chairman Ge, Oujian Network will continue its healthy company culture and correspond to the Belt and Road Initiative by sticking to the principle of friendly negotiation, growing together and sharing benefits, and realize a developing mode of openness and diversity, mutual learning and mutual benefit to facilitate the cross-border trade!