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Further Improve the Business Environment and Implement 10 Specific Measures

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The world bank released its “Business Environment Report” in 2018. China’s cross-border trade score rose from 69.91 to 82.59, ranking 32nd, becoming the economy. With the most significant improvement in the business environment. Focusing on the spirit of a accelerating the improvement of customs clearance facilitation, the General Administration of Customs, together with 10 relevant department of the Ministry of Finance,the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Health and Health Commission, the People’s Bank of China, the State Market Supervision and Administration, the Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Administration Commission, and the State Drug Administration, conducted in-depth policy research and detailed measures. The 10 departments jointly issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Improvement of Customs Clearance Facilitation” on June27, proposing a total of 10 specific measures.

1. Further Simplification of Documents


40 kinds of import and export supervision certificates have been automatically compared and verified by the system before released; Implementation of online declaration and handling of some regulatory certificates in a single window. Shanghai has fully realized enterprises’ independent printing of special customs payment forms and online declaration. And printing of export certificated of origin.


The “Import and Export Permit for Pharmaceutical Products”, “ Import and Export Permit for Gold and Gold Products”, “Entry and Exit Document for Bank Dispatching RMB Cash”, “Customs Clearance Certificate for Legal Fishing Products”and “Exit Document for Paleontological Fossils” will be included in online declaration and processing. Shanghai will accelerate paperless B/L

2. Further Improve Port Informatization Level 


Shanghai Customs District has expanded the scope of centralized image examination, increased the application of new regulatory equipment, and fully implemented paperless equipment interchange receipt.


The General Administration of Customs, together with other relevant department, will continue to deepen the construction of a single window for international trade and speed up cooperation and docking with civil aviation, ports, railways and other industry organizations. The coastal ports will enable enterprises to. Handle procedures such as handing over container equipment, reporting of container lifting plans and settlement of expenses on the Internet. Further optimize the improvement of the application level of operation informatization in shipping companies; Announce the standards for port operations, acceptance procedures for shipping companies and their agents, and time limits for operations.

3. Further Optimize the Process and Improve Customs Clearance Efficiency


Import and export of declare in advance system, vigorously promote "consolidated taxation","customs guarantee insurance", and establish " declare in advance" fault tolerance mechanism for imported goods, Shanghai Customs has made it clear that products outside the 3C catalogue can be declared to the customs after the enterprise makes its own judgment, and 3C is exempted from self-commitment. The Shanghai pilot covers all product categories.


The General Administration of Customs will launch a pilot reform of the"two-step declaration"customs clearance mode that will implement import summary declaration and complete declaration; Deepen the reform of diversified tax guarantee systems such as tariff guarantee insurance, and further expand the scope of insurance companies to pilot tariff guarantee insurance. The general administration. Of customs, together with local governments, opened a green channel for the rapid clearance of agricultural and sideline products at border ports. 

4. Further Reduce Port Charges


Strengthen prices supervision and inspection continue to push the reduction of agency fees; Implement the goal of reducing port fees. 


The State General Administration of Market Supervision and Administration will carry out special inspection of import and export fees, investigate and punish illegal fees and charges according to law, and investigate the port operation service units and enterprises suspected of monopoly. We will further implement measures to reduce fees at ports and enhance the sense of acquisition of import and export enterprises

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