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Location:home » News Center » News » Latest News » Oujian Group Accomplished the First Shipment of Live Seafood through the Shanghai Port

Oujian Group Accomplished the First Shipment of Live Seafood through the Shanghai Port


The first shipment of live seafood in Shanghai

On 12th June, a ship with around 50 tons of Russia wild live king crab successfully arrived in Shanghai Hengshan international fishing port after six-day’s sea transportation. It is the first time for Shanghai to import ocean live seafood via sea transportation successfully, which was a milestone for the breakthrough in the shipping import of aquatic animals in Shanghai port. It also shows the new achievement in international aquatic products trade and international aquatic products shipping for Shanghai.The leaders of Shanghai government, Russia Consul-general, the responsible person of the Russian Embassy Commerce Department in Shanghai, representatives of Hengshan Fishing Port Company, Jiuye Supply Chain, Shanghai Xinhai Customs Brokerage Company, Shanghai Hubtrade International Trade Company have attend this activity, collectively witness this landmark occasion.


The great support from government’s leader, customs, commodity inspection and agricultural department.

This successfully arrived of this batch of live Russian king crab in Shanghai is inseparable from the contributions of the competent department and the port inspection unit. With the great support from agricultural department, Chongming customs, commodity inspection, Chongming Island fishing Port Company, Jiuye Supply Chain entrust Shanghai Xinhai customs Brokerage Company and Shanghai Hubtrade international trade company, jointly completed the entire process of the first time for Shanghai to import live king crab via sea transportation. The entire process includes issued by Beijing within 8 hours, Shanghai electronic declaration, the customs declaration, inspection and verification of customs clearance at Chongming port, which made a miracle of the fast customs declaration of seafood!

At 14:00 12th July 2017, the TOR Russian deep-sea fishing vessel berthed at the Port of Shanghai Chongming Island. It completed customs declaration at 17:30 and released by the customs and inspection. That record has exceeded the four-hour customs clearance for air transporting live seafood, which was the new age customs declaration speed collectively created by all the departments of the customs and inspection. Formerly, all the seafood entry into Shanghai market must be transported by air-transportation or transfer at the fishing ports like Dalian and Qingdao before taking land-transportation, which took long time and high cost for transportation and suffering from the pressure of capital turnover. Nowadays, the mode of direct shipping to the port in Shanghai not only greatly increases the seafood’s survival rate and freshness but also decrease the cost and transporting time, which means a higher market competitive power


The inspection mode of ‘customs inspection in advance, inspection when commodity arrived, fast release’

To this batch of Russia King Crab import, Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau strictly obeyed the Regulatory requirements of ‘ten-inspection and ten-release’, taking the inspection mode of ‘customs inspection in advance, inspection when commodity arrived, fast release’, so that to complete the inspection of this batch of live king crab in the shortest time. This batch of King crab has been confirmed with 0 dead or sick, complete and valued with the import filling qualification. The Shanghai bureau immediately gave it clearance and sent the sample to the lab for relevant safe and health project testing and monitoring.


Jiangchun Sun, the general manager of Hubtrade Company and Yun Fang, the responsible person of Jiuye Supply Chain.


The Oujian operation team for this time’s live Seafood import


Openness, cooperation, win-win, making cross-border trading more convinent!

This success was the result of the sincere and reforming cooperation between business community and government of the national the Belt and Road initiative. Oujian Network will keep on experimenting and innovating, helping the importer to bring more and better and more fresh common favorite commodities like seafood, meat and fruits. Oujian would like to realize the openness, cooperation, win-win between businesses and make the cross-border trading more continent!