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Location:home » News Center » News » Industry Insights » Promote the "three mutual" big clearance construction international logistics channel

For the 2016 "government work report" proposed "building cooperation mechanism along the customs clearance, construction of international logistics corridor", Department of the General Administration of Customs in Guangzhou told reporters that, the customs will in order to promote the "exchange of information, mutual recognition of regulatory, Law Enforcement Assistance" three mutual chase off as the starting point, efforts to promote international logistics corridor construction.

Yu Guangzhou said that the customs from two domestic and international level to promote the construction of a major thoroughfare.

In terms of domestic departments

Led the development of the implementation of the "three" mutual "to promote the customs clearance reform program", identified 37 major reform initiatives, the port authorities are steadily orderly.

As the reform of international trade "single window", the port customs clearance process from "tandem" into a "parallel", realize one-time business reporting, law enforcement uniform results feedback, make data more than running, small businesses to run errands. This reform was launched last year in coastal ports, this year will be further extended to the conditions of inland ports.

In the international customs cooperation

The service "The Belt and Road" construction as the focus, and vigorously promote along with countries in the field of customs clearance facilitation of international cooperation. As of now, China customs has established cooperative relations with the 131 countries and regions, signed 162 bilateral cooperation documents.

Last year, the General Administration of Customs held "The Belt and Road customs forum in Xi'an, 71 countries (regions) the person in charge of customs and international organizations to participate in a" interoperability "Xi'an initiative and many other achievements, for the customs cooperation platform.

This year will be in Xi'an on the basis of consensus, signed cooperation documents with more countries, and actively promote the implementation of the breadth and depth of cooperation, to promote along the customs interoperability, achieve "The Belt and Road" where the layout, international customs cooperation will expand to where.