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Since 2014, China's vocational education is called "modern vocational education", the State Council, the Ministry of education has issued a document on China's modern vocational education. In June 2014, the State Council issued the "the State Council on the decision to speed up the development of modern vocational education", the Ministry of education, development and Reform Commission and other six ministries jointly issued the modern vocational education system construction plan (2014-2020) ", encourage the" school enterprise cooperation "as an important means to realize the modern vocational education. Because by enterprises to actively participate in vocational education personnel training plan formulation, training system research and development work, can make up for the gap between classroom teaching and practical development, realization theory learning and skills to master the effective combination, and ultimately achieve ability training and jobs on the ground.

And Xinhai customs declaration by deep-seated "school enterprise cooperation", the formation of personnel training system, it has such a follow the laws of development of vocational education, adapt to the new trend of the modern vocational education, keep abreast of industry, enterprise development characteristics and advantages. Held on the 26th June 2015 national vocational colleges declaration skills competition, customs declaration Co., Ltd. Shanghai Xin sea become Customs personnel cultivation of the first batch of China Customs Brokers Association distinguished the declaration of professional training base. Yan Hai Customs Department Manager of the classification of small and at the same time was hired to teach students to teachers and students.

School enterprise cooperation, work together to achieve the brand characteristics of Vocational Education

Xinhai customs clearance is a home for eight consecutive years national customs first AA class declaration enterprises, both in the number of customs and quality of customs clearance, are in the industry leading position, the Xin Hai has a large number of high-quality business talent, I believe, as well as science and technology, use of high-tech characteristics. Welcomes the sea will also these characteristics, play in the "school enterprise cooperation" in all aspects of:

Different from the traditional school enterprise cooperation, after the students enter the internship stage, the enterprise through an intern to truly participate in cooperation. As early as the students in school during the study, Xin sea often not only should invite school, sent the backbone of the business for the students lectures, seminars, is also involved in, the higher vocational colleges "intelligent simulation training platform of cooperation and implementation.

Xinhai customs declaration has been adhering to the road of science and technology, whether it is "paperless customs clearance" or "a single window", the sea is the first batch of pilot units. And, through and cloud clearance platform technology cooperation, the formation of a mature intelligent customs clearance mode. This technology has also been used in the construction of intelligent simulation and training platform and Xin Hai cooperation institutions. Platform by Xin sea business experts declaration level test examination authority producer, platform for massive problem case base from Xin sea over the years the real case, interface simulation customs of QP and EDI interface, combined with the real goods pictures of students are classified training, by setting the position, design professional scene, lets the student gain job experience. And, the training platform system can keep up with the policy, technical development and upgrading. For example, the Shanghai international trade single window version 1 has been formally launched in June 2015, the training platform has been upgraded to a single window clearance training system.

After "cloud clearance" intelligent simulation training platform for training the students, because in practice, officially went on the job before have received the certain industry, job experience, greatly shorten the adaptation period, the rapid growth of business professionals in the Xin Hai. And these business professionals and will participate in the Xin Hai "school enterprise cooperation", lectures for students, to provide professional wisdom and experience as a training platform for the project. It is such a mature talent training system, so that the sea has always been able to maintain the industry's leading industry status.

In contrast to the high employment rate of vocational education, due to social prejudice, vocational college enrollment is not the heat. Therefore, for Vocational Colleges and universities, how to create a modern vocational education brand characteristics, to cultivate the social needs of the outstanding professional talents, is to convince people in the heart of the social prejudice of the only way. And Xin Hai, as a booming thirst for talent, and has a strong sense of social responsibility of the enterprise, is willing to work together with the major vocational colleges and universities to work together.