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Announcement No.


Inspection and Quarantine Category

Announcement No.132 of 2019 of the General Administration if Customs

Announcement on carrying out random inspection of import and export commodities other than legal inspection commodities in 2019. For the declaration enterprises before receiving the new declaration requirements under the customs, all the declaration should be standardized according to the current declaration requirements. In addition customers should be informed that the customs will increase the range of products to be tested.

Administrative Approval

Announcement No.55 of 2019 of the State Food and Drug Administration

Announcement on Cancellation of 16 Certification Items (Second Batch). Among them, for the

change of the responsible unit of imported cosmetics, the enterprise is no longer required to submit documents on the spot but is changed to network verification for the re-registration and supplementary registration of imported drugs and medicinal materials, enterprises are not required to submit documents, but are instead required to conduct internal verification

State Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Security, State Health Committee No.63 of 2019

Announcement on the inclusion of compound preparations containing oxycodone and other varieties in the administration of psychotropic drugs. From September 1, 2019, compound preparations containing oxycodone base more than 5 mg per dosage unit for oral solid preparations and excluding other narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs or pharmaceutical precursor chemicals will be included in the first category of psychotropic drugs management. For oral solid preparations, compound

preparations containing no more than 5 mg of oxycodone base per dosage unit and not containing other narcotic drugs, psychotropic drugs or pharmaceutical precursor chemicals are included in the management of psychotropic drugs of category ll; The compound oral solid preparation of buprenorphine and naloxone is included in the management of category ll psychotropic drugs.

Letter of the General Office of the National Health and Health Commissions on Asking for Comments on 43 National Food Safety Standards and 4 Amendment Forms Draft)

From July 22, 2019 to September 22,2019, log into the National Food Safety Standards Management Information System to submit feedback online.



No.4 of 2019 of the National Health Committee

Announcement on 19"Three New Foods" such as Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides 1. 11 New Varieties of Food Additives such as Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides: 1. Widening the Application Scope of Food Additives: Soluble Soybean Polysaccharides, Caramel Color (Ammonia Production), Caramel Color (Common Law), Polyglycerol Ricinolide (PGPR)

Capsicum Red, Capsicum Oil Resin, Vitamin E (dI-α - Tocopherol, d-a- Tocopherol, Mixed Tocopherol Concentrate); 2 Expanding the application scope of processing aids for food industry: sodium formate, propionic acid, sodium salt and calcium salt thereof; 3. Expanding the application scope of food nutrition enhancer: galactooligosaccharide (source of whey filtrate); 4. A new variety of enzyme preparation for food industry: Glucose oxidase. Two, sodium acetate and other eight new varieties of food-related products: 1, food contact materials and additives for products to expand the scope of use sodium acetate, phosphoric acid, potassium dihydrogen phosphate; 2. New varieties of additives for food contact materials and products: polymers of 4, 4 -methylene bis(2,6-dimethylphenol) and chloromethyl ethylene oxide; 3. New varieties of resins for food contact materials and products: butyl ether of polymers of formaldehyde and 2-methylphenol, 3- methylphenol and 4-methylphenol, vinyl chloride-vinyl acetate-maleic acid terpolymer, 1, 4-cyclohexanedimethanol and 3-hydroxymethylpropane, 2, 2-dimethyl-1, 3-propanediol, adipic acid, 1, 3-phthalic acid and maleic anhydride copolymer, and 4, 4-isopropylidene phenol and formaldehyde polymer.