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The influence of “Belt and Road initiative” to Ecological enviroment of E-commerce in China

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In the background of “Beltand Road Initiative”E- commerce transaction volume will reach to 7 trillion RMB in 2017. It is estimated that number will increase to 12 trillion in 2020. That means e-commerce deal size in China will keep a steady growth with 20% growth rate per year.

Legal defenition of  E-commerce non-trational cross-border trade non- postal item
Commodity ristriction on import e-commerce
Tax refund of export e-commerce 
A domestic information system for customs administration on E-commerce go live. Data elements, common standard and system interface of  International data exchnage need to determined 
Different definition and regulations on on E-commerce are barriers to international collaboration and policy reform

Siganificance of cross-border E-commerce

E-commerce is innovation and new form of traditional international trade
E-commerce is a accelerator of international trade facilitation 
E-commerce is a creation of degitalization of currency, diversity of logistics mode and globalization of products 
E-commerce is an important economic tool for China to take  pioneering role in global economy, make rules  and in a leading position in transcation volume.

Future trend
Mutual transformation of E-commerce and general trade
E-commerce gaint turn to off-line campaign, e-commerce import in huge quanity will transform to general trade. 
Long tail commodity with large consumer group  will be the main stream of cross-border e-commerce trade
Sea food, beef and mutton and fruits will be popular item of e-commerce trade
Influence of National policy 
Explore foreign consuming market for domestic goods
Chinese enterprise will take dominate position in E-commerce standard,  data, payment and logistics by e-commerce export business (Alibaba and JD.com declared they will  put great emphasis on e-commerce export in June of 2017)

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